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Homepage strategy to lead the business of SMEs and small businesses to success! Homepage strategy to lead the business of SMEs and small businesses to success!

Only creative is not the goal. Aiming to solve business problems by creating a website.

Web strategy for solving management issues

From homepage production to post-production operation,
we will systematically execute with three strategies.

Strategic design for each business issue

When creating a homepage, we will first hear about the situation that the customer is worried about. (We're worried about sales force, We don't have any job offers, We want to provide services online, etc.)

From there, we will analyze the current situation, isolate the problems that can be solved by the Web (digital) and the problems that can be solved by other than the Web (real), and propose an overall homepage strategy.

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Operation plan tailored to resources

"Human resources" are required to operate the homepage. We will identify the specific work contents according to the skill level of the person in charge.

In order to enable long-term homepage operation, we will formulate a concrete system to determine who will operate and manage the website with less work load.

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Optimized tool selection

By introducing a suitable system that is easier to use, you will be able to operate the homepage more effectively and conveniently.

Functional architecture is also a very important in creating a homepage. From a professional point of view, we will prepare the most suitable ones that are easy to use and useful as needed.

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About quality assurance of homepage production

Guarantee high quality homepage production. We provide uncompromising services that are particular about the architecture (internal structure).

  • Keyword survey

    We will conduct a keyword survey necessary for content production and investigate the needs of personas tailored to the targeting.

  • Target analysis

    Create a persona, analyze the behavior of users who are closer to the prospects, and design the lead wire of website.

  • Market research

    We will investigate areas where competition occurs, investigate the number of potential customers, and design strategies in more detail.

  • STP marketing

    We will use the marketing framework to accurately determine the points of appeal to prospective customers based on the survey results.

  • UI/UX Design

    We create designs with the tone and manners that match the targeting, and the layout that is easy for users to use and understand.

  • support Smartphone

    Smartphone support is essential for recent homepages. In addition to layout adjustment, we will prepare a homepage optimized for smartphones from site design.

  • support SSL

    To avoid security risks, SSL (https) is supported as standard. It is a measure to increase the credibility of the homepage and operate it safely.

  • SEO

    Through structured site design, semantic coding, and content marketing, we will create a homepage that works effectively as an SEO measure.

  • Linking with Google services

    It works with various Google services necessary for traffic acquisition, such as Google My Business and Google Search Console.

  • Linking with SNS

    Operation of SNS is not essential, but we will design the lead wire as necessary and formulate an operation plan in consideration of attracting customers from SNS.

  • MA Introduction

    We will introduce MA (Marketing Automation) so that we can implement measures using AI. The burden of operational improvement by humans is reduced.

  • Introducing Wordpress

    We will introduce WordPress (CMS) as standard. Since you can do the editing work yourself, you do not have to do the troublesome work of requesting updates.

  • Installation of MA and Wordpress is included only in "Business Expansion Plan".

High-quality homepage with a focus on results, and more advanced strategic design

We provide good services with decent quality. From strategy, site design, to coding and system introduction. Feel free to contact us!

  • Homepage production

    Strengthen organizational foundation
    Improved reliability

    Business promotion & branding for small businesses
    Corporate site from $5,000

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  • EC site construction

    Mail order
    marketing strategy

    For B2C/B2B/D2C
    Online sales channels
    Customization from $9,000

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  • system development

    In-house DX
    Web service

    Flexible development according to your requirements
    Individual quotation ASK

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  • 2022.07.10

    Company's actual result page has been updated.

  • 2022.06.01

    We were interviewed by "My Best Pro Chiba". They have posted an interview article of our representative.

  • 2022.04.30

    Homepage production.jp introduced us! Posted in Ichikawa City homepage production company list , EzONE page has been prepared. Thank you very much.

  • 2022.01.07

    A happy new year! Adopted by the 4th Small Business Sustainability Subsidy in Japan. In addition to developing our own services, we will continue to put even more effort into production and support for our customers. We look forward to working with you this year as well.

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